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CCTv & Access

CCTV & Access Cabling Installation | Security & Access Cabling​

CCTV & Access Control Installation

We provide cabling and hardware installation services for all aspects of security and access control systems, including video surveillance, door access control and gate security. Whether in commercial or domestic environments, security systems are vital to protect property and assets to create a sense of comfort and safety.

With the emergence of the ‘Internet of Things’, we are seeing an increasing array of connected devices that can help aid security. These all rely on a resilient cabling infrastructure to function efficiently and effectively. Viking Communications are able to advise you on the latest requirements and design a solution that will meet your specific needs.


CCTV Installation

We offer a range of camera installation options. Furthermore, we are specialists in a range of specialised project scenarios.  For instance, we have vast experience in national roll outs and multi-site projects. Furthermore, we undertake many projects within high level access environments such as warehouses. Furthermore, we install the cabling to provide a single project CCTV installation cost.

Commercial CCTV Systems

Although camera systems can be similar in nature the environments, they are installed in can vary greatly. Therefore, our commercial CCTV systems cover anything from the standard office environment through to a data centre, warehouse, or school. In addition, the design and installation will be bespoken and suited your environment, requirements and budget.

Home CCTV installation

The CCTV installation cost for a house can vary greatly from that of a commercial CCTV installation. Likewise, the number of cameras require is usually different and their positions more bespoke to place. The biggest consideration for a home CCTV installation is how the data cabling will be run, contained, and hidden. Most retro fit projects will be installed externally and with the correct protective containment to avoid vandalism.

Thermal Image Camera Installation

These cameras avoid the problem and challenge of poor imaging quality in reduced light. In contrast these cameras pick up thermal radiation rather than visible light. Therefore, a thermal image camera installation they can pick up images in most weather and light situations. These are especially good for outside coverage. We particularly install a Hikvision thermal camera.

Temperature Screening Cameras

This type of camera is design to detect skin temperatures that are elevated above a set threshold. Furthermore, they can be used for multiple temperature screening of incoming staff or visitors. These systems are particularly useful in Commercial CCTV systems.

Access Control System

The use of these systems restricts and controls who can enter your premises. Furthermore, once inside where they can and cannot go within that building. The access control system can be managed on site or remotely with instant changes for user rights and daily updates. A large range of solutions are available to suit your environment and budget. With each installation a bespoke design we can provide you with the correct and scalable access control system.

Commercial Access Control Installation

When working alongside our commercial customers, we are often tasked to design and install an access control system to:

  • Monitor site access and the flow of staff in and out of the building

  • Track staff for time, attendance, and productivity

  • Restrict and track  access to different parts of your building through key fob and key card entry systems

  • Manage visitor access and deliveries

To meet a range of requirements and budgets we partner with a network of key access control and door entry brands including, Paxton, Videx, Honeywell, and more.

CCTV Installation and Access Control System Systems

We offer a wide range of solutions, but we are especially specialised in the following systems

  • Hikvision access control

  • Hikvision IP Cameras

  • Paxton Access Control and Net 2 Access Control

  • Axis Camera Systems

  • Pelco Camera Systems 


CCTV Cabling

Most CCTV cabling is now either Cat6 or Cat6a as mostly all cameras are now IP network cameras. The networking cabling therefore must be installed to a specific standard and tested for performance. Therefore, without fully tested CCTV cabling your image quality and connection could suffer. Furthermore, we offer fully installed and tested CCTV cabling solutions for our camera systems or upgrading existing cameras.


Contact Viking Comms to discuss your CCTV and Access Control Requirements, 0161 660 3002.

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