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CCTv & Access

CCTV & Access Cabling Installation | Security & Access Cabling​

CCTV & Access Control Installation

Complete Security Solutions

We offer cabling and hardware installation services for security and access control systems, covering video surveillance, door access control, and gate security. Security systems are essential for safeguarding property and ensuring peace of mind, both in commercial and residential settings.

Adapting to More Devices

With the rise of interconnected devices, maintaining a robust cabling infrastructure is crucial for effective security measures. We provide advice on the latest requirements and design tailored solutions to meet specific needs.


CCTV Installation

Our services include specialised installations for various scenarios, such as national rollouts and multi-site projects. We specialise in high-level access environments like warehouses and offer comprehensive cabling solutions for seamless CCTV installations.


Commercial & Home Systems

We design and install CCTV systems for diverse environments, customising each installation to fit specific requirements, environments, and budgets. For home installations, we ensure discreet placement and effective surveillance.

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Thermal & Temperature Screening Cameras

Our installations include thermal cameras for reliable imaging in various lighting conditions, and temperature screening cameras for commercial settings.

Access Control Systems

We provide access control systems tailored to regulate entry, monitor staff movements, and manage visitor access. Our solutions offer remote management capabilities and scalability to suit your needs.


Specialised Solutions

We specialise in Hikvision access control, IP cameras, Paxton Access Control, Axis Camera Systems, and Pelco Camera Systems.


CCTV Cabling Solutions

Our fully installed and tested CCTV cabling solutions ensure optimal performance and image quality for IP network cameras.

Accreditations & Certifications

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