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Data Cabling & Electrical Service & Maintenance

Preventative maintenance and ongoing service will ensure your data cabling, electrical and hardware are consistently performing to their maximum efficiency. A solid, maintained cabling infrastructure will support the active hardware. Furthermore, it will ensure any downtime is avoided through regular checks. In addition to checks changes can be made to broken cables, poor patching, or faulty electrical equipment.

Always on hand to ensure your cabling system integrity

PAT testing is also a regular requirement to ensure your portable appliances are not only working correctly but are also not affecting your main electrical system and causing trips and overloads.

We provide a range of solutions from regular visits through to full support service-level agreements (SLAs).


Data Cabinet Tidy Services and Cable Audits

Your overall infrastructure is only as good as its weakest part. Therefore, if you have a messy or non-compliant data cabinet you have a point of potential problems. Thus, by auditing your data cabinet for messy patching you eliminate the unknown elements of whether your ports are live or patched into the correct data network. Furthermore, when your cabinet is messy there is the potential to accidentally pull-out electrical leads. Thus, causing a total outage and downtime for your business. Therefore, we offer data cabinet tidy services communication rooms of all sizes.

Reasons you should undertake a data cabinet tidy service

  • Highlighting if data cabinet is patched correctly and not into the incorrect network

  • Avoiding patching data switches into one another or “looped” back on to itself – Causing a network crash

  • Reduce network switch costs by highlighting unused ports and thus requirements for active equipment

  • Avoiding electrical shock through poorly installed electrical leads and sockets


Data Cabling Testing to Test Network Cable Infrastructure

Data cabling on the surface looks the same in every installation. However, unless that installation has certified results from a cable tester you won’t know if that installation is suitable for your technology or will even work to the required standard.

The reasons to test network cable installations

  • Is the cabling the stated category and does it perform to that standard.

  • Is the cabling terminated and installed correctly and working to the correct speeds and standards. Without this performance will suffer such as VoIP or POE

  • Are the components still good and functioning.   The Network cable test will highlight any weakness in the link

When to test network cable installations

  • Before moving into a new premises. – this will highlight whether you can use the existing or need to upgrade

  • When installing new technology on existing cabling. Will your new Wi-Fi or VoIP function correctly on what is already present

  • To troubleshoot. When your network is running slowly or having glitches then a network cable test will highlight any problem areas

Maintenance and Service Call Outs

Regular service and maintenance is part of all installations and across all industries. However, this is often overlooked when it comes to data cabling, electrical and its associated technology. Service and maintenance can be used for the following areas

  • Electrical, Fixed Wiring Testing and Fuse Board Checks and Testing

  • Data Cabling Testing, Repairs

  • Audio Visual – Software updates, maintenance, and service upgrades

  • CCTV and Access – Software upgrades, service, and evaluation of suitability for changes to the business


Maintenance can be carried out over different phases within the year depending on the requirements of the systems installed. In Some cases, this will be longer than a year. Service call outs can be designed to suit the equipment and the client requirements.

Contact Viking Comms for a free review on how we can assist in your maintenance and servicing please call 0161 660 3002

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