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Wireless Ethernet Cable Installation

High performance cabling for the expanding Wi-Fi world

As the demand for technology speed grows through increased media usage, so have the demands on the transmission speeds delivered by Wi-Fi applications. Furthermore, the greater the technology the greater the reliance on the correct WIFI installation cabling. With new technology advances, legacy cabling will at times lack the transmission capabilities to deliver the required bandwidth and speeds between Wi-Fi systems and active hardware.

Requirements for upgrades are moving from Cat5e to Cat6a and beyond, incorporating dual cables to each access point. With our range of IPAF trained engineers, we can install, mount and maintain any manner of Wi-Fi installations both internally and externally to any height requirement. We can deliver the bandwidth speed and coverage demanded by today’s latest technology.


Cabling for Wi-Fi Installations

Data cabling for a modern Wi-Fi Installation has changed in the past few years. Legacy systems would generally happily run on existing Cat5e or Cat6 cabling. However, with the move towards 10 gigabit ethernet the requirements for the structured cabling have also changed. Cat6 cabling will transmit 10G up to 55m but the standard for 10G is Cat6a. In addition, many Wi-Fi installation systems now also require dual cables to each access point. Therefore, legacy cabling is not suitable for many new systems.

Upgrading an Existing WIFI Installation

Since legacy cabling isn’t always suitable to a new Wi-Fi installation neither is the existing positions of those units. When upgrading your system swapping out new access points for old isn’t always quick solution. The new system might require any of the following

  • Additional access points overall (requiring new data cabling)

  • Access points in a different position (requiring new networking cabling or relocating existing)

  • Reduction in access points overall due to flooding of coverage and reduction required

  • Upgrade of single cable points to dual

When upgrading to a new system we can fluke test existing outlets to check they are suitable. Furthermore, we can install the new structured cabling and relocate the access points as required.

Warehouse and Wi-Fi Installation at Height

The installation of data cabling and access points in an office required a certain level of expertise but can be undertaken by many. However, when installing at height and especially in warehouses that expertise is especially important.

With all our engineers IPAF trained and experienced we regularly undertake warehouse and at height installations. Similarly, we can either install both the data cabling and mount the access points or we can just undertake the fitting of the Wi-Fi installation when cabling is already in place.

Mobile Phone Signal Booster

In the same way that internet coverage is distributed over Wi-Fi so can be mobile phone coverage within your building. To begin with an external antenna is placed on the external side of the building. Secondly network cabling is distributed throughout the building to a set access point distribution design. Finally mobile phone signal booster access points are installed to boost the overall coverage

Subsequently the mobile phone coverage is transformed just as your internet is through access points.


Contact Viking Comms if you need assistance with your Wi-Fi Installation, 0161 660 3002.

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